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We hope you enjoy our latest Springcreek Conservation film focusing on the three most important drainages in northern Utah, the Bear, Provo and Weber Rivers.

This is the first in a five-part series. In this first film we begin to scratch the surface of some very interesting topics with the main theme of the story following what we all too often take for granted, WATER.  Our upcoming series will cover our fisheries, our farms and ranches, our wetlands, our snow and powder and our current issues facing our most precious and finite resource, WATER.

It is amazing the talent we have in this state, both academically trained and self-taught individuals doing real and meaningful conservation work. Usually they are working quietly and with limited funds.  But they are always adding to the pool of knowledge that helps us all understand the connection between our natural world and the impact it has on our daily lives.

DVD available now.   For your copy or a copy for your school, group or organization, or anyone who is interested in this precious resource, contact us.

“I have thought about the Anazasi who were thriving in the southwest at one time thousands of years ago, and then just disappeared because their water went away.  And I thought what would happen where we are ranching if we just didn’t get rainfall? We went for three months this summer and had just a few drops of rain on the windshield of the truck.  And if that happened consistently over time we would be out of business.  We would not be able to raise cattle.  There’d be no grass.  And without grass none of us can survive.  That’s where it all starts and ends.”
Cory Webster, Rancher