The Natural History Museum of Río Seco
(MHNRS) is a space of convergence between disciplines related to arts and sciences that assimilates and reflects on the natural and cultural heritage of the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic region. This space has been created with the purpose of embracing and disseminating knowledge regarding the southern Pole from the development of collections and cabinets, which mainly relate to the natural and material history of the southern extreme of Chile.Through community experiences among academics, professionals, specialists, students and visitors from diverse backgrounds, we work by stimulating critical thinking from the experience, producing and understanding the challenge of inhabiting a territory where the natural environment is key to the cultural development, and the identity construction of communities.
Benjamín Cáceres Murrie, Marine Biologist of the UACH, Extension Director of the AIMHNRS and Researcher of the CEQUA Regional Center. Currently, he develops his research work in the biology and ecology of marine birds and mammals of Magallanes and the Antarctic Peninsula. He is the co-founder of the Natural History Museum of Río Seco and participates actively in all its museological and museographic work, from the development of its collections to different instances of dissemination, links with the environment and educational programs.
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