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Pioneering Explorers of Patagonia, Cordillera Darwin to Cape Horn



Magellan Project

Plans are underway.  The ground work was laid last year for the story “Magellan in Patagonia”, a new Springcreek Conservation project.

While Magellan spent a very short time in the region, the impact he had on his men and the final outcome of the voyage has placed Magellan as the greatest Captain/Navigator in history.  His voyage throughout Patagonia created lasting discoveries both terrestrial and celestial.


Our story follows what little is known about the voyage, through the eyes and writings of Antonio Pigafetta, Magellan’s chronicler. Without the accurate accounting by Pigafetta, who was selected and placed in service at the very last minute of the expedition, the world would know only the story through the eyes of the surviving crew members and Captian Elcano of the Victoria, the single surviving ship.

Follow us as we pursue this fascinating story of the world’s greatest Captain/Navigator,  Ferdinand Magellan.


Fitzroy DarwinFitzRoy and Darwin- Voyage of the HMS Beagle

MorenoFrancisco P. “Perito” Moreno – Geographer, Explorer

AgostiniPadre Alberto de Agostini – Salesian Priest, Explorer, Photographer

ShiptonEric Shipton – Author, Explorer, Climber

TilmanMajor Harold William “Bill”  Tilman – Author, Explorer, Climber