Nowhere else on earth!

Found only in Washington County, Utah, the dwarf bear poppy (Arctomecon humilis) is a federally listed endangered species. It has evolved to grow in this harsh desert climate and nowhere else on earth, not even in laboratories or protected gardens.

The Nature Conservancy has partnered with the local community, state and federal organizations, to create the White Dome Nature Preserve, a protection area of over 800 acres to help in the survival this beautiful ...

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Comfort Food

Caldo de Congrio.
Sometimes you just need some good comfort food…

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SRV Saoirse

Thank you to our friends, Keri Pashuk and Greg Landreth, and SRV Saoirse for the great trip through the western Strait of Magellan.

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Patagonia is Changing Fast

Rio Santa CruzI was listening to Argentina radio and they approved  to build two hydroelectric dam on the river Santa Cruz to produce 1.740 megawatts, with a flood of 47.300 hectareas.  The company that won the bid is from China  Gezhouba, financed by the Bank of China (ICBC).
It seems our Patagonia is changing very fast.
John Dick, Punta Arenas, Chile, 2013

Route N° 9 is being fixed with the idea that ...

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Did you know …

… honey is a natural antiseptic for cuts and burns.   Use honey in place of antibiotics or creams on the skin.

… honey can soothe a sore throat by taking honey with tea or lemon or juice.

… combining equal parts honey, water and vinegar will kill internal parasites, particularly those found in the digestive tract.

…  a few spoonfuls of honey will aid your body in digesting alcohol whether drinking ...

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Why We Love Trees

P1070013Trees are life.

Trees have been around since Pangaea bringing shelter, medicine, warmth and the ability to cook food.

From the southern tip of South America to the Boreal and Taiga forests of the Northern Hemisphere,  the magnificent bird life, marsupials and megafauna all depend on trees.

There are many other benefits trees bring to wildlife, insects and fungi.  From the decomposing giant conifers that bring new life to future forests, the unseen world ...

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Sneak Peek – Big Fish!


Can’t wait until it is finished!!!

Jenkyn Powell, Glass Artist.

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Spider Deterrent

spider webWe have spiders in our house.  Not an all-out invasion but webs in the corners.  I don’t mind sharing our space, they do take care of all the little itty-bitty bugs.  Sometimes however, enough is enough.  There are natural spider deterrents.

Spiders avoid a number of natural essential oils.  I keep these in the arsenal because they are naturally extracted from plants, herbs and fruits.

Just add a few drops of essential oil ...

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Non-Toxic Cleaners

So, I have this issue with commercial chemical mixes…  Sometimes nothing is better than a little bit of elbow-grease.  Try these solutions to some common cleaning problems.  They work for us!

WINDOW CLEANER (NON-TOXIC):  The problem was that the commercial window cleaner left a residue. The vinegar alone wasn’t enough to remove it, and the result was streaky windows.

My favorite recipe is to combine ...

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Alternative Septic Systems

DSC_0029When a home is off grid and cannot connect to a centralized sewer system, an onsite wastewater system (better known as a septic system) must be used. These types of systems have been used for thousands of years and when designed and installed properly they are a safe natural way to treat and dispose of wastewater.

The science behind an onsite system is very ...

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